Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Encouraging words from a publishing agent...

'I enjoyed reading it very much and I do think that you may well have the basis for a successful novel (and series, because that is what publishers and readers want.)'

'I get the impression that you have enjoyed writing it so far, and I hope that this is something you will continue to have fun with.'

 'Good luck with your novel, and do let me know how you get on.'

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Getting Our Novel Out There!

So, because we want everyone to have a chance to share Anna's experiences, laughs and boy troubles (Without having to wait to get it published!) throughout Lipgloss on your Wings Part 1 of the Branded Angels Series, we have decided to put it onto Wattpad and the best thing? It's completely FREE!
 So join Anna, Boiye, Jarryd & Alaster as they begin their journey in Lipgloss on your Wings and head over to Wattpad to also see the begin part of Half an Hourglass Part 2 of the Branded Angels Series! Be one of the first people to read it! Leave feedback and comments, they are highly appreciated!

Love from yours truly
Sophie & Stacie

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Journey

As we wrapped up the final editing stage today I had a feeling of nostalgia come over me. Writing this book has been such a journey for both of us. The things we've done whilst writing, the food, the debates, the laughs, it's all made it so enjoyable. The best thing is we've finished, I mean we've actually written a whole book, beginning to end. The worst thing is I miss writing it. Although we've got plenty more story ideas, not forgetting to mention the next two books in the series to write, Lipgloss on Your Wings will always be the first. Every page was a learning curve, every deleted scene was a driver making us more determined than ever to make it work. And my god we hope it works! Ha!
So many things have changed and been changed back and taken out and replaced with whatever over the course of writing our book. But the thing that's remained the same is the characters, all the way through. Sometimes if I'm writing something that's completely wrong I can feel the character fighting against it, they just won't let me. So if there's anything in the book that might make you thing 'What the hell..." Don't blame us. When we talk about our characters it's like we're talking about real people because they've come to mean that much to us.
Friends have asked me, "What's it like writing a book with your sister?" And I can never think of a reply that describes it. We've never argued about it, just pushed each other for the best. We'd sit together on chairs that made our bums numb for hours just throwing questions and info to and fro and because we're sisters we're not afraid to read something the other has written and just go 'nope, thats rubbish' whilst proceeding to delete the whole paragraph.
It's been a challenge which is something neither of us are afraid of. In fact I think we completely own it after some of the things we've gone through together.
All i've got left to say is if or when our book makes it into a bookshop I'm going to be one of those people lurking down the isle waiting for someone to just so much as glance at it so I can jump out and say "That's ours! Mine and my sisters!" They might think I'm crazy but it's like something me and Soph were talking about the other day, when you're at a party or in a club and your favourite song comes on despite all the other people that are wooping and jumping around you want to make it known that it's YOUR favourite song and anyone who wants to dispute that can just try and take it away from you.
Ten o'clock at night, work at 7am and feeling a little stir crazy will lead to posts like the one above.
G'Nite =)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Part 2 of the Branded Angels series begins!

So me and Stace have been debating for ages about the title of our second novel of the Branded Angels series and have finally chosen the official title! Half an Hourglass has now begun!

Lipgloss On Your Wings is complete

So its all done and edited, we have sent of our book to several agents so fingers crossed guys!
Finished product should soon be available from download on kindle soon! Keep an eye out!

Love from
Sophie & Stacie :D