Coming soon... (other works)

So... we've neglected our blog and Lipgloss on your Wings progress has slowed down some, don't worry, we're still working on it! This is why though...

Keep a look out for other projects Stacie and Sophie are working on!

Branded Angels Series:
Lipgloss On Your Wings - First book to the Branded Angels Series (Completed)
Half an Hourglass - Second book to the Branded Angels Series (In Progress)
Dragged Away Lightly - Third book to the Branded Angels Series (Working Title Only)

Dark Elements Series;
Four maidens they were,
But not what they are,
For each are birthed from dark,
Far from the light of the sun,
As each became bitter, twisted and bent,
The light did curse,
With only one chance to repent.

Liquid Curse
I tell a story of a love which would only be destined for tradedy. My world changed in the short time she was in my life, I am a half breed, a human combined with the light, my purpose; to banish evil from earth. She was my task, but she was my life.

Thou shalt yield fire,
Of discord, flame;
Observe burning,
Heat on your name,
He shalt find you,
A hunter of good heart,
He will see your soul,
With strength to tear it apart.


Thou shalt live air,
Opposite of free,
Your fate shalt be destruction,
A life of wild journey,
Your saviour or demise,
He will know your truths,
With intent to end evil,
To him you must prove.

(Current progress - series idea, scenes for first novel, character name ideas, plot)

Autumn & Ash- (YA, paranormal romance) (title not decided)
A story told by a medium as she tries to unlock the secrets held within a house that's been empty for over a century, due to generations of the same family requesting in their will for it to be so. When the previous owner died without making a will the house was auctioned off to a couple about to start renovations, the quirky new owner decides to call a psycometric medium to unlock the houses mysteries (much to the disdain of his wife) and it begins to unfold with an unfathomable story of a young girl that has come to save her soul mate, however, he is a rare being, a merged soul. Plagued by mysterious, malevolent shadows and visited by a young playful spirit, hear how they learn to cope with his two combined souls from the opposite end of the spectrum, a pure, loving soul of light, and a blacker, darker soul with violence within. Can she save him? Does she want to... if her soul is attracted to his, then which one is it?
(Current progress: plot, character outline, synopsis, first chapter+ three additional scenes)

What's the time, Mr Wolff? - (YA paranormal romance)
Isaac Wolff has been a werewolf for three years, he changed his identity (accordingly) and left behind all he knew and loved as he resigned to his fate, attempting to live a semi normal life right at the edge of the suburbs away from the bustling city and nearer a woodland to suit his monthly curse. Working a flexible job to pay the rent for a dingy bunglaow and suffering immense pain every full moon was all he expected from life, until a girl he meets at the bustop sends his entire psyche into a tailspin. Building up a relationship with her day by day he knows it's a lost cause, he can't risk having anyone close in his life, but he just can't help himself. When a tragic railway accident occurs near his home whilst in his most vulnerable state he smells her blood, can your heart really rule your head... even if it's contaminated by a beast? Will he be her saviour, or her final downfall?
(Current progress: plot, first chapter, character outline, synopsis)

On Board- (Teen romance)
Told by two points of view Dean is a rebel without cause, he lives to skate on the rough side of town where skaters are labelled trouble makers. Feeling misunderstood he spends his days skiving school or failing it and his nights skating when and where he can and running from police, after a fight with his worried mum he seeks sanctuary at his hidden homemade skatepark, enter Faye, private schoolgirl from the right side of tow with intelligence to show for it... and a wicked kickflip, she discovers Dean whilst he's at his lowest. After getting over their initial hostility and pre programmed discrimination for how the other side live they discover they're not so different after all. When a seemingly harmless teenage turf war end up with someone dead in a hit and run and Dean pegged as the main suspect he's forced to go on the run as he tries to prove his innocence by discovering the real culprit. With Faye's protective family and good girl reputation to uphold will she come through for him when he needs her most?
(Current progress: plot, character outline, synopsis, first chapter+ second chapter outline)

Black Ice- (Adult, thriller)
A snow white based story with a twist, set in modern times, an ex prostitute-turned-pimptress spends her nights selling her girls so she can spend her days shooting up her next heroin fix. Her highest earning girl could really go far in the business, which is supposed to be a good thing, more money equates to more drugs. However, she can't help but feel a twisted hatred towards the rundown ex pageant queen. Delusional from drug use she convinces herself she must remove the girl from her life and of life all together. She plots twisted torture and embarks on making her last breaths as miserable as possible. This story ain't no fairytale by far.
(Current progress - plot)

An Arrow from Above - (YA Paranormal Romance)
So, cupid is a chubby little baby that shoots arrows in peoples butts to make them fall in love right? Wrong. This is a story about a cupid in training on her first hands on matchmaking. It's her job to manipulate her assignments choices so that they will be led on the right path to meet their soul mate. There's jobs as simple as making them miss a train... or there are jobs as hard as enrolling in college and trying to befriend the 'rebellious' crowd and trying to set her assignment on the straight and narrow. Guess which one her mentor has lined up for her? With a misguided (but cute) 'friend' always getting in her way and ruining her progress she gets a little distracted from her task and can't help but try and figure out why this guy is so determined to make his (and her) life so difficult.
(Current progress - ^^that's all i've got so far! So this could change!)