Anna Brookes
Age: 17
D.O.B: July 19th
Hair: Medium brown
Style: Long, straight, choppy layers, sweeping fringe
Eyes: Green
Face: Not a lot of make-up (mascara and lipgloss), naturally pretty, oval shaped face, pouting lips, small nose, lots of ear piercings
Physique: Slim but not skinny, curvy but not fat, C cup, doesn’t like her arms, 5"5
Clothes: Lots of layers, likes to stay in fashion, orders clothes online, pastel colours, skinny jeans, maxi dresses, high heels!!
Music: Eclectic taste but not rock music or heavy metal
TV: Cougar Town (weekly get together with Boiye), MTV shows, never misses an award ceremony
General Likes: Clothes, fashion, celebrities, vampires, books, Facebook (has 600+ friends), cooking, eBay, volunteering at the local charity shop (Cancer Research)
General Dislikes: Girls who don’t respect what they’ve got, haters, HATES losing a bid on eBay, people who don’t use deodorant, her dad and brothers’ farting competitions
Something you wouldn't know about Anna... She likes to maintain her appearance but would never be ashamed to be seen shopping in a charity shop or taking her Nan out for lunch or to the cinema in the city

Family: Dad - John Brookes 41
            Brother - Simon 19
            Grandparents - Mama B and Grand (Dads side) both 67
            Mum - Elizabeth Brookes (formely Morrison) 39
            Brothers friend - Liam Jacques 19


Boiye Jonsson
Age: 18
D.O.B: October 4th
Hair: Ash blonde
Style: Spiky, styled, medium short
Eyes: Brown
Face: Good looking, boyish looks, cute as well as hot
Physique: 5"8, slim and toned, lean muscle
Clothes: Loose fit jeans, tight t shirts, accessories- scarves/chains/cuffs
Music: Indie Rock
TV: Top Gear, Cougar Town, music channels, The Simple Life
General Likes: Cars, working out, sports, junk food
General Dislikes: Cats, butterflies, fake people, being fussed over by his mum
Something you wouldn't know about Boiye... His perfect guy would be Freddie Prinze Jr., he can play the piano (his mum made him have lessons as a kid and he got really good, but he doesn't play anymore)

Family: Mum - Sharon Jonsson (formerly Thompson) 37
            Aunt - Andrea 32
Family (but doesn't see): Dad - Michael Jonsson 44
                                      Step Mum - Linda Clarke-Jonsson 36
                                      Step Brothers - Adam 7, Jack 4
                                      Step Sister - Amy 1


Jarryd Rhodes
Age: 17
D.O.B: May 23rd
Hair: Light brown
Style: Messy, unkempt look
Eyes: Hazel
Face: Defined jaw line, Male model face, Controlled look
Physique: Tall (5“9), lean, slight natural tan
Clothes: DIY ripped hipster jeans straight leg (dark blue) Bright white trainers, Polo shirt (light blue)
Music: Rock music
TV: Road Wars, The Inbetweeners
General Likes: Woodwork, playing pool
General Dislikes: Orange juice with bits in
Something you wouldn't know about Jarryd... He doesn't mind chipping in with housework in his and Ori's 8 bedroom house, he likes watching cartoons in the morning.

Family: Sister - Ori 26:-
Physique: tall, slender
Eyes: Grey
Hair: past waist length, black hair
Face: Naturally beautiful
           Jarryd's Best Friend - Addison Falls


Alaster Hunter
Age: 18
D.O.B: November 11th
Hair: Black
Style: Uses matte look product, spikes lying flat to head, long in front
Eyes: Dark brown
Face: Defined features (cheekbones, jaw line, nose)
Physique: 6”1, broad, muscular
Clothes: Always wears dark colours, usually t-shirt, leather jacket, straight leg jeans, boots
Music: R'n'B, chart music
TV: Doesn't watch a lot of TV (prefers playing on the xbox 360) sometimes watches Ideal on BBC Three
General Likes: Driving, takeaways, xbox live, Media
General Dislikes: People afraid to be themselves because of what other people think, dust, his older sister's friends
Something you wouldn't know about Alaster... He once tried to put blonde highlights in his hair that turned red, but they looked alright so he kept them in

Family: Mum - Alison Hunter 38
            Dad - Geoffrey Hunter 40
            Sister - Eliza Hunter 20