Excerpts and Synopsis

Anna is an ordinary girl living in an ordinary (and quite boring really!) village. Her obsession with the idea of a storybook romance sends her on a wild goose chase after the new guy at school.
Dark, mysterious and hot as they come, she’s convinced Alaster is one of the romantic bad boys she’s been waiting for to whisk her away from ordinary life. Only to be disappointed as he turns out to be your typical average Joe.
However, there’s another guy at her school who’d started the previous term, Jarryd. With his more geek than chic style she’d never usually give him a second look, but there’s something she can’t put her finger on that has got her looking twice.
After battling with her own shallowness and refusal to conform there begins a turning of events that gets her questioning how much she actually wishes she had an element of danger and excitement in her life. Jarryd is an Angel. Her guardian angel to be precise. Cursed and stuck on Earth with a mysterious brand on his chest and no where to go but to stay as close to Anna as possible... because he’s in love with her.
Plagued with disturbing visions of the past that make no sense but are trying to tell her something, she’s also discovered her brothers best friend, with a hero complex, is part of a secret, angel assassin organisation, thinking Jarryd was sent to kill her.
Hiding things from her best friend Boiye aren’t easy, especially as things start to get more dangerous a lot more quickly because although Jarryd wasn’t sent to kill her, it turns out someone else was.
Anna discovers that fallen angels who are resentful of the guardian angels allowed to fall in love without repercussions cursed them from the beginning of time leaving her with a choice to make, her life or his

Here I will post lines from Lipgloss on your Wings and maybe a paragraph here and there!

"...and that’s when I saw the boy walking out of the door in slow motion."

“Can’t a 17 year old girl have a headache these days without it being caused by a night of crazy partying and considerable amounts of alcohol?”

I heard him heave a sigh as if my simple question implied a double meaning to him and he was bracing himself for much more than walking downstairs and going back to school."

"I had to give it to him, considering his compromised state he had a quick reaction to save me from face planting the pavement."

"“Jarryd, what do you think you are doing? Go get Anna a cookie!” I was about to step in and say I was fine but Jarryd slumped off the sofa with a huff and disappeared through the door once again."

"The porch light was broke."

"It frightened me a little of what he would find there if he could, in fact, see into the deepest recesses of my conscience."

"I succumbed to the sweet call of peace that only dreams can bring, the only thing I had time to regret was, if I was falling asleep, that meant I couldnt wake up from the truths I hoped were nightmares…"

""Boiye, who the f*ck is this?" 
"You must be Anna." He replied with a wink."

more excerpts coming soon...